Trust Your P.A.C.E. Course - Empowerment, Development, and Performance

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The Trust Your PACE course is designed to embrace the intricacies of self and leadership​ by enhancing empowerment, development, and performance created by Tyrese Rice in 20203

This 9-week commitment was created for those who are ready to take the next leap into understanding the depths of self and step into leadership. Trust Your PACE will guide you through the development of skills, awareness, and mindfulness practices to take you through any journey or experience.

Experience TYP (Trust Your PACE) is a trusted, researched, and established program to building the holistic athlete. Earn a certificate of completion and digital badge at the end of the program.

This certification and badge will certify you as a Trusted Athlete upon meeting requirements. Trusted Athlete's will gain unlimited access to Trusted Legacy's resources and receive discounts on apparel and events.